Apple’s e-book antitrust case has entered appeals as some judges ‘appear sympathetic’ to its arguments

Apple eBook pricing settlement

In 2013, Apple’s loss in a large-scale antitrust case centralized on e-books made waves over the news wire. Now, after several months and plenty of litigation, the case has entered the appeals stage.

The case itself revolves around the allegation that Apple colluded with publishers to effectively raise the price of e-books sold through its digital outlet, the iBooks Store. The loss of the case meant that Apple had to make due with an extern antitrust monitor, and eventually agreed to a payout of $450 million (which recently earned its final approval) as part of an engrossing settlement with several class action lawyers.

According to a report published recently by Reuters, as of this week Apple is within the appeals process in the court proceedings and some of the judges apparently appear “sympathetic” towards Apple and its argument. These sentiments, the argument of Apple, is that the moves it had made regarding e-book pricing were “pro-competitive.”

The case is still ongoing, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

[via Reuters]