Apple announces ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion in Japan on January 2

Apple Japan - Lucky Bag promotion

Apple Japan has confirmed that it will host its annual “Lucky Bag” New Year’s Sale again in 2015.

Japanese Apple Stores have been selling the Lucky Bags every year right after New Year’s Day since 2004, and they are a big hit with Japanese consumers.

The 2015 promotion will return on January 2nd according to the terms and conditions page on Apple’s retail website. It was spotted by Japanese blog Kodawarisan (via AppleInsider)For one day only, Apple will discount select products in a store-wide sale extended only to its Japanese customers. The focus of the sale, though, is the “Lucky Bag,” which costs 36,000 Yen and is available in limited quantities. The Lucky Bag is a gift bag filled with a variety of Apple products, accessories and Apple swag. Each bag is different and customers don’t know what will be included in each bag when they buy it.

Last year, Apple gave away the goodies in a special edition Incase City Collection Compact backpack. Most Lucky Bags also come with a New Year’s Apple tshirt, mini Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation and JayBird BlueBuds X Bluetooth headphones. You can check this article to find out what was in the “Lucky Bags” last year.

The starts and ends on January 2nd in Japan. It’s a pretty cool tradition, which I’m sure would be popular in other countries as well.

[Kodawarisan via AppleInsider]