Apple TV loses ground to Google’s Chromecast for market share for streaming media devices

image Apple TV SMD market share

As companies continue to try and create the best possible device to invade certain parts of a consumer’s life, streaming media devices are gaining more traction for the set-top box next to TVs all over the globe.

The Apple TV has been part of the streaming media game for quite some time, but it would seem that the current generation box is starting to show its age in light of more ravenous competitors fighting for dominance. According to a new report from market researcher Parks Associates, as originally reported by CNET, Apple’s media streaming device has lost ground to Google’s own USB stick, the Chromecast.

According to the report, and indicated in the graph above, Apple has held its ground at 25% for the last couple of years. However, that mark has dropped significantly in the first three quarters of 2014, as the Chromecast edges just slightly ahead. Within the nine month period, Roku has remained dominant (as it has over the last few years), and managed to nab 29% of the market share for streaming media devices. Worth noting, though, is hat’s down from 46% in 2013. Google’s Chromecast managed to grab 20% of the market share based on the report, securing its place at second. Apple TV, at third, has held onto 17% over the first nine months of recording.

Apple TV is rumored to be getting an upgrade at some point. Some claimed it would have happened at the end of 2014, while others now suggest it is coming sometime in 2015. What’s more, this is not the first Google-branded device to drop Apple a peg down in a particular market. It was previously reported that Google’s Chromebooks have actually outsold iPads in classrooms within the United States for the first time. So, this, along with the report that Chromecast is doing well, is probably plenty of motivation for Google to continue doing what they’re doing.

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