Apple’s interest in VR could extend to gaming, expanding user interfaces

image Apple VR

The future of virtual reality has already been tapped by companies like Oculus, but what that means for the general consumer is still up in the air.

If a company like Apple were to jump on the VR bandwagon, though, the future could be positively bright. In a report published by 9to5Mac on Wednesday, December 3, the interest that Apple has shown in VR seems to continue, unabated, in a series of job postings that the publication has uncovered. The three new listings, which compliment an initial job posting that was reported on in late November, go on to hint that the use of virtual reality from Apple could actually extend into gaming, and offering up “cinematic user interfaces.”

Play a part in the next revolution in user experience by delivering cinematic user interfaces and simplifying human interface in fundamental ways. Build a team to develop new user interaction solutions, while working on innovative products… This engineer will create high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing.

The report outlines that in the several different job postings, the focus on gaming is more than apparent. One of those listings, for example, is trying to find a Game Engineer that has experience not only with the latest game engines, but also with VR. The end result of this position, at some unknown point in the future, is to “develop software combining state-of-the-art physics-based world simulation, visuals and Virtual Reality to enable Apple’s development of next-generation product.”

Other job postings whittle down the requirements a bit, even as the focus on gaming continues, including an App Engineer position that requires experience with things like Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. Another listing wishes to find the perfect applicant with support building games within engines like Unreal and/or Unity.

What this all means, though, is still up in the air. Apple’s interest in virtual reality has been documented for quite some time, spanning years, and it would seem that with the leaps in technology that have been reached at this point, perhaps the Cupertino-based company is ready to start building on those ideas. If that means a dedicated piece of hardware, or something else, will be the interesting result of all this.

[via 9to5Mac]