Apple wins in iPod monopoly trial, avoids $1 billion in damages

Apple Australia

Apple’s ongoing legal trouble revolving around the iPod, and several different avenues regarding the digital music player, has reached a tentpole moment.

According to a tweet sent out by Emily Chang, the host of Bloomberg West, via Bloomberg News, earlier today the jury embedded within the iPod legal situation reached a verdict. That verdict resulted in a win on Tuesday, December 16, for Apple, which means the Cupertino-based company has officially avoided the $1 billion in damages that had been leveraged against it.

Earlier today, it was revealed that the result of the DRM lawsuit could come down to whether or not iTunes 7.0, released many years ago, was actually an improvement or not. Before that, several different aspects slowed the process down a bit, including a lack of legitimate plaintiffs. However, Steve Jobs’s video deposition for the trial made the most waves earlier in December.

[via @EmilyChangTV]

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