iCloud.com web maps for ‘Find My iPhone’ switch away from Google

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Since 2012, Apple has been working diligently on removing Google from its mapping services, both on mobile and through the iCloud website.

As confirmed by MacRumors on Tuesday, December 9, the iCloud website, which previously utilized Google’s mapping services for things like “Find My iPhone” has been successfully transitioned to Apple’s own mapping services. With this switch, Apple has removed Google from the last facet of mapping services within Apple. The removal of Google’s services actually happened earlier in 2014, but only for the iCloud beta site.

The iOS apps for Find My iPhone and Find My Friends had been using Apple’s mapping services for quite some time now, but the iCloud version had been lingering on Google’s services up until now. When a user visits the feature through the official iCloud website, they’ll now see maps rendered in Apple’s engine, and not Google’s.

[via MacRumors]