iMods: Hands-on video of upcoming Jailbreak Store for iPhone and iPad

Cydia is the cornerstone of all things jailbreak. There’s no denying that. Every year when a new iPhone comes out or a new iOS, we wait with bated breath to see someone post a video or a blog post with that brown icon in the thumbnail telling us that we can jailbreak. Maybe that never changes. Maybe Cydia is so rooted into the jailbreak community that it’s loyal followers will never stray from the beaten path. But, iMods, a brand new jailbreak store, is willing to find out.

It’s not every day we see an alternative to Cydia pop up in the wild. But, iMods has come a very long way and could actually be a first time competitor of Cydia. Cydia is a solid store and I love it, but there could always be improvements made that makes things easier on the end user than they are right now. A lot of “behind the scene” changes do take place and Saurik and his team do a great job of keeping our precious jailbreak store up and running. But, sometimes it’s time to innovate. And what’s better to drive innovation than competition?

Other than talking about what we can add to Cydia, let’s talk about what iMods has to offer. I had a chance to speak with Matin from the iMods team. He provided a lot of useful information and I was able to get my hands on the iMods beta, so here’s what’s in store. The first thing we see is an impressive UI that looks and feels like an app built to fit in with the iOS 8 look. After registering and logging in, you’re presented with a “Featured” page, much like you’d see in the App Store. This is where jailbreak packages will be featured and updated every 2 weeks. In the middle of the page you’ll see 2 tabs that will filter which tweaks are presented. The paint roller for themes/visual tweaks and the gear for everything else.


As you can see in the picture above you’ll also have 3 tabs at the bottom. Starting from the left, you have Featured, Top Charts, and Updates. Top Charts will obviously be showing you the packages that have been recently downloaded the most/rated the highest. You’ll also be able to sort on this page (as you can see at the top) by Top Free, Top Paid, and New Items. You can even tap on the “list” icon in the top left that will provide you with Categories (pictured below) to filter tweaks and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. The Updates will show you updates to your tweaks and allow you to uninstall them directly from this tab.


In the top left and right of the Featured page you also have a profile icon and a search icon. Tap the search icon to search for a specific tweak/package, and tap the profile icon (pictured below) to see your name, your avatar, the number of items installed and the number of items on your wish list. (Yes, you can create wish lists and you can also be gifted tweaks). Of course, you’ll need to add your method of payment, which you can do through the Your Wallet button. And if you’re having any issues, then you can see you can contact the iMods teams through chat, e-mail, or phone.


With iMods, there is only 1 repo. So you no longer will have to add repos for specific tweaks. The tweak developers will submit their tweaks to iMods just as they would to BigBoss in Cydia. Since there is only one repo, iMods will be able mitigate what is submitted to their store, therefore there will be no pirated tweaks/themes/apps in the iMods store. Another extremely useful feature for some users is that the iMods store won’t show you tweaks that aren’t compatible with your iOS. So if you’re on iOS 7, you won’t see iOS 8 tweaks and vice versa. This is a pretty handy tool for a lot of users.


Themes will no longer be applied using Winterboard, they’ll be applied using a new theming tool called Anemone. This theming tool is a massive improvement, in terms of UI, in comparison to Winterboard. As you can see in the screenshot above, you will have your theme bundled into groups, rather than individual segments for each theme, like you see in Winterboard. Just tap on the theme that you’d like to apply, then it will present you with a menu where you can select the different sections of the theme that you want to apply. It looks very intuitive and I think it’s a big step in the right direction for theming.


Of course, this store isn’t polished just yet. So we should expect iMods to looks a little different when it is finally released in the 2nd week of January 2015. In the picture above you can see the difference between the beta and the final product of the Top Charts page. So, while there’s still a few touch ups to be made, you can expect this to be dropping fairly soon.

If you want to check out the complete video walkthrough of iMods, then see below:

Sound off in the comments what you think about iMods. Will you be sticking with Cydia or will you give iMods a chance? I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it all.

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  • Mat Harris

    How will you install the app? I’m guessing it won’t be on Cydia.

    • Cody

      I’m not sure how the final release will be installed. There are various ways for it to take place. I assume we’ll find out soon enough.

    • Erick121

      Saurik isn’t an asshole I feel like he’ll welcome competition

      • Razorback73

        Like he welcomed Rock? Really?

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Maybe future iOS hackers will even jump the bandwagon and offer iMods directly in their jailbreak next to Cydia as a choice. That’d be optimal.

  • Bronancius

    This sounds a lot like the AppStore, which I thought jailbreaking was intended to defeat. Pass.

    • anon

      Agreed. They lost me at “no pirated”. What good is jailbreaking if you can’t “Evaluate” things. I pay if something is worthwhile but how will you know if you don’t test it first. I am not going to rely on ‘votes of the community’. They don’t know what I like and don’t like.

      • Sebastian Rasch

        You still can use Cydia next to iMods to “try” (yeah, sure) new tweaks. The benefit of iMods is that it saves all your installed apps in an account so you don’t have to download them all manually again after you updated to a new iOS version/jailbreak – it’s all right there again and ready to use. And it’ll work better and more reliably than any of those so called backup apps that don’t really work or at least not reliably so.
        Not to mention Anemone, that looks so much easier than theming with Winterboard.

    • Razorback73

      It is intended to get around App store, and it does. But lets not forget Rock, an earlier alternative to Cydia. Which Saurik didn’t like the competition and so bought out Rock, you know, like Apple would do to any competition. The idea of having even more options IS what jailbreak is about. The more sources, the better.

  • To

    Unless, I can transfer my earlier purchases from Cydia to iMods, I won’t be moving over to the new store. Looks perfect for noobs to the jailbreak scene.

  • BMWIIIMPower

    As long as it works as well as it looks, I’m in. Beautifully designed

  • Iliya Motamedi

    that wallet is nice if that can be full by some thing like gift cart ! in my country i can`t use my credit card !

  • Acko01282

    I think I’ll stay with cydia as any true jailbreaker would.
    But i say good look to imods

    • Moinul Alam

      eh? “True jailbreakers” don’t use cydia. They use dev tools. If you’re just someone who downloads the oneclick tool like pangu, you’re just a user.. Not a “true jailbreaker”. Thus leaving you the option to do as you want.

      • Acko01282

        I think you got me wrong yes a true jailbreaker its all about gaining the root process and use dev tools. And yes im a user not a dev but i think anyone who has been jailbreaking their idevice’s since the beginning of the iphones just my veiw

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Definitely gonna try it, I’m very excited about this. It’s all down to how many developers will adopt this however, so I hope it’ll be adopted well.
    They said they’re gonna start a Kickstarter campaign, I shall back them there as well if they indeed decide to do so.

  • Turo

    Look so similar to Appstore

  • gaucho

    my opinion still get the traditional cydia, I am not a fan of changes that do not know him well, maybe change of ideas but for now I get cydia

  • Vwjap

    Didn’t cydia do this to installer?

    • Razorback73

      And then bought out Rock, to kill the competition, just like Apple.

  • Tatsh

    Won’t last a year. Just watch.

  • luis

    i like cydia but i like how this is so much organized repos have to organize thier shit

  • D

    I’m not paying no developer

  • Jabbacks Ailingeo

    Kinda wondering if iMods is Apple related. After everybody switches to iMod, they shut it down.