Concept shows how the Instagram app might look like on Apple Watch

Apple released the Apple Watch SDK, dubbed WatchKit, to developers a few weeks back with iOS 8.2 beta. The SDK lets developers build Glances, Actionable Notifications, and WatchKit apps, with full blown native Watch apps coming in 2015.

Design team JBS Labs came up with a great concept, imagining how Instagram’s app would look like on the Apple Watch. It strips the amount of information shown in Instagram’s iPhone app to the bare minimum, and shows only the image, the user’s name and their avatar on the Apple Watch’s small screen.

apple watch instagram 1


Users can double tap to like a photo, and single tap to view more details like the description, the number of comments and likes.

apple watch instagram 2

Tapping on the avatar takes you to the profile view, where you can follow the user, or see their posts.

apple watch instagram 3

The concept also imagines long look and short look notifications for Instagram on the Watch.

apple watch instagram 4

As of now, WatchKit apps are implemented as background extensions on the iPhone, that keep communicating with the Apple Watch. Given this restriction, we’re not sure about how many of these features make it to the official Instagram app.

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[via Behance]