iPhone 6 owners unable to add back existing cards to Apple Pay after resetting the device

American Express outline Apple Pay

Many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners are reporting that they have been unable to add back their credit or debit cards after restoring their iPhone from a backup or setting it up as a new device. 

Apparently, the problem is caused due to the secure element chip used by Apple Pay on the new iPhones not being wiped completely of its existing data, even though users will get notifications from bank informing them about their cards being removed.

Apple automatically removes all cards from Apple Pay when a device is factory reset.

Sorry to hear that sir. Both on the phone and in store they determined mine to be an issue with the hardware because no software restore would ever fix it. Once they tried the software restore in store once and saw it didn’t do anything they brought out a new phone quick. Was out of there in about 30 minutes total.

For the time being, the only solution to this problem seems to be getting a replacement iPhone from Apple. While some of the users were given a brand new iPhone, others were given a refurbished unit.

Apple Pay has been been a huge success for Apple and has rejuvenated the mobile payment market. The roll out of the service has been trouble free with Apple and banks being extremely quick in fixing any minor issues affecting it.

[Via 9to5Mac, Source Apple Support Communities]

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  • Linda

    I’ve restored my phone many times, and I’ve yet to come across this problem. My Amex Blue has been deleted and re-added multiple times. I’m just glad mine doesn’t have one of those buggy chips in it.

    • m3nphls

      Same here, I haven’t had any issues.

    • I’ve had to restore my iPhone 6 once, and I didn’t have any issues, either, thankfully. It’s problems like this that we can quickly realize just how many phones are sold (not like the official announcements don’t lay it out for us anyway) and used out there in the world. It always seems it can come down to luck for technology, whether it works the way it should or not.

    • md6597

      Same for my iPhone 6 Plus. No issues.

  • Jason Halkias

    I have not had an issue either. Always works.