LastPass launches ‘Auto-Password Change’ to allow users an easy way to change all passwords quickly

image Lastpass Auto-Password Change

LastPass, one of the most powerful and popular password management applications on the market, has launched a new feature to keep users secure.

The new feature is called “Auto-Password Change” and does exactly as the name implies. With the new feature, which is rolling out now to all LastPass users as a beta, allows users to set up an interval for the management tool to automatically change passwords for sites and services where a password is stored. The feature was introduced last week to the pre-build team, and it’s available now for Safari, Chrome and Firefox users within the standard browser extension.

What’s more, LastPass is not charging its users for this new feature.

Out of the box, Auto-Password Change already supports 75 of the most popular websites, including Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Home Depot, and Dropbox:

Maintaining your privacy and security is our top priority. That’s why we’re doing this differently. We’ve implemented this feature to make password changes locally on your machine, ensuring we stay true to our mission and never have access to your data. All of your sensitive information is encrypted on your computer before syncing, and your encryption key is never shared with LastPass.

Auto-Password Change already supports 75 of the most popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, Home Depot, and Dropbox. When clicking “edit” for a supported site, a “Change Password Automatically” button appears:

image LastPass Auto-Password Change2

Much like LastPass, another password subscription service, Dashlane, recently announced a similar feature, which allows the user to change all of the passwords stored through the service with a single click.

Do you use LastPass? What do you think of this new feature?

[via LastPass]

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