Apple Maps could get integrated with Siri and Passbook, expand other crowdsourcing features

Apple Maps

Apple’s Maps app is still one area that could seep plenty of improvement. Luckily, Apple seems determined to continue upgrading it.

According to a new job listing that was published recently by the Cupertino-based company, and originally surfaced by 9to5Mac, Apple’s plans for improving Maps continues to hang in some way or another through the community and crowdsourced features. The job posting, which is for a “Community Client Software Engineer,” is all about Maps, with the main focus on improving the application.

According to the listing’s description, the Community Client Software Engineer will work with the rest of the Maps team, and work on “building and extending the Maps application to allow Apple to crowdsource improvements to the Maps experience.” As noted in the original report, Apple wants the new software engineer to also expand on the crowdsourcing features that are already baked into Maps, to develop new data through “high-level UI development and architecture of the ‘Report a Problem’ feature of the Maps application.” Indeed, Apple’s Report a Problem is one way that the company currently crowdsources information from Maps users out there in the world, which is a bonus as Apple also develops its own projects aimed at collecting maps data.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, though, Apple is also looking to potentially integrate the Maps app with other Apple first-party apps like Siri and Passbook:

You’ll also be working on the frameworks and plugins that enable Maps to integrate deeply and seamlessly with parts of the system such as Siri and Passbook, to extend and enhance the feedback experience.

As Maps continues to get a major focus from the developers and engineers from within Apple, it should come as no surprise that these features are aimed primarily at improving the app altogether, rather than adding a slate of new features. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple isn’t also planning on integrating new features into Maps, as made evident through a pair of new patent filings which do more than suggest that Apple is planning on implementing a major mass transit system feature at some point down the road.

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