Master & Dynamic on-ear and over-ear headphones now on sale in Apple’s online store

image Master & dynamic

Ever since Apple acquired Beats Electronics, and took the Beats-branded headphones under its wing, the question of whether or not competitive devices would still be able to find shelf space at Apple Stores (both online and not) remained strong.

Of course, the removal of some Bose-branded products, including over-ear headphones from Apple Stores, and Apple’s online store, didn’t help matters. Now, though, thanks to the arrival of a pair of new headphones that have been labeled in the past as the “anti-Beats” headphones, it would seem like Apple is perfectly okay with competition within its own stores.

As profiled by MacRumors, Master & Dynamic has launched a pair of new headphones into the Apple online store. According to the report, these particular ‘phones had made an appearance in some select physical retail shops across the U.S., but now that they are available online, it would seem likely that they will roll out to more stores soon. The on-ear Master & Dynamic MH30s cost $349, while the over-ear MH40 headphones cost $399, so they are priced aggressively against Beats.

What do you think of the Master & Dynamic line of headphones?

[via MacRumors; Apple Store (MH30); Apple Store (MH40)]

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