Natalie Portman passes on an unspecified role in Aaron Sorkin’s movie on Steve Jobs


According to Variety, Natalie Portman has passed on an unspecified role in Aaron Sorkin’s movie on Steve Jobs, which is based on the official autobiography from Walter Isaacson. 

It is not yet clear which role Portman was offered to play in the movie, and why she backed out from it. Variety sources also suggest that the movie is still on schedule to meet its production date, which is expected to start sometime in Spring.

Aaron Sorkin’s movie on Steve Jobs is yet to enter into the shooting stage, but it has already seen a lot of ups and down. First there was a lot of confusion about who would depict Steve Jobs in the movie after Leonardo DiCaprio and then Christian Bale passed on the main role. Ultimately, it was reported that the role went to Michael Fassbender with Seth Rogen bagging the role of Steve Wozniak.

Late last month, Sony also decided to drop the movie out of the blue, but it was picked up by Universal Studios soon after.