‘Papers, Please’ launches for iPad and hit with Apple’s App Store censorship rules

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In August of 2013, Papers, Please launched on Steam, and managed to grab quite a bit of attention for its “dystopian document thriller.”

Papers, Please would launch or the Mac in the early part of 2014, and now, on Friday, December 12, the intriguing title has been made available through the App Store as an iPad-specific game. Unfortunately, as noted by several different outlets after its debut, one of the more mature elements of the title has apparently been removed, courtesy of the family-focus censorship rules that the App Store maintains.

The game itself revolves around the player-controlled sprite that works as a border control guard, and is tasked with welcoming, or blocking, incoming persons into the fictional nation of Arstotzka. In this process, the player will be forced to look at papers, IDs, and other assorted documents of those trying to enter the country. Eventually, the player will gain the ability to send the incoming individuals through a full-body scanner. In the Steam, Mac and Linux versions of the game, a nude representation of the person is displayed in pixelated fashion.

The other versions of the game actually include the ability to censor the part, letting players put underwear on the sprites.

Papers, Please for iPad, though, doesn’t let the player choose, and outright removes the nudity from the game entirely, by introducing underwear on the characters right from the get-go. This is not all that surprising, though, considering the App Store’s policy seems to bend towards the more conservative side of things. Of course, some high-profile developers, which launch just as highly regarded titles into the App Store, do not have to suffer through the same type of censorship.

Aside from the censorship, Papers, Please is an equal port, offering 31 days and 20 possible endings. It’s available in the App Store for iPad for $5.99.

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Papers, Please $5.99

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