ReachApp brings split-screen multitasking to iOS 8


Reachability has been the focus of many jailbreak tweaks lately. ReachApp is one of a kind jailbreak tweak by Elijah Frederickson that aims to take advantage of the available real estate when invoking Reachability.

The tweak brings split-screen multitasking to iOS 8 allowing users to view and interact with two apps simultaneously on a single screen. This works by displaying the second open app in the empty space that appears when you invoke Reachability, a functionality that has been missing from many jailbreak tweaks developed for Reachability.

Once you install ReachApp,  a new preference pane appears in the stock Settings app where you can enable or disable the tweak on demand, disable auto-dismiss where Reachability will be closed automatically once your device is idle as well as enable or disable rotation.

ReachApp works on all iOS 8 devices, but on iPhones that don’t support Reachability, you’ll have to download another jailbreak tweak that enables it such as ReachAll.

To get started, you will have to open two apps that you want to use together simultaneously. For instance, you can open the Messages app and then launch the Safari app and invoke Reachability. Doing so splits the screen into two halves where the top half screen will display the Messages app and the bottom half will display Safari, allowing you to interact with both at the same time. For instance, you can type a text message in the Messages app as well as surf the web in Safari all at the same time without switching back at forth between the two apps.

You’ll also notice a grey thick line separating the two apps and you can drag the line up or down to adjust the size of the two screens.

ReachApp is indeed one of the most useful tweaks that has been developed for iOS 8. It is currently in the beta phase, but it worked perfectly on my iPhone 5s without any issues. You can also get your hands on it by adding the following repo to Cydia:

Check out the hands-on video of the tweak to get a better idea:

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