Samsung beats Apple to a fanless 12-inch laptop with Intel’s Core M processor


Rumors about Apple working on a 12-inch MacBook Air with a slimmer and fanless design have been intermittently making their way to the Internet. The last rumor stated that the new MacBook Air has already gone into ‘pilot’ production and will release in Q1, 2015 along with the Apple Watch

A fanless design will allow Apple to make the new MacBook Air slimmer than even the existing design. However, Apple’s main rival — at least in the smartphone market — Samsung, has already one-upped the company by announcing a new addition to its laptop portfolio with a fanless design. The 2015 variant of the Ativ Book 9 sports a 12.2-inch display with a staggering 2560*1600 resolution — besting even the Retina display of the MacBook Pro.


The fanless design of the laptop is enabled by the new Core M processors from Intel, which might not top the benchmarks, but offer a perfect balance between power, heat dissipation and battery life. According to the official numbers from Samsung, the 0.46-inch thin laptop can last nearly 10.5 hours on a single charger. For comparison, the 13-inch MacBook Air is roughly 0.64-inches thick.

Other highlights of the new laptop from Samsung includes a Wolfson  lossless audio player, native FLAC support and enhanced focused on security. The base model of the Ativ Book 9 will start from $1, 199, which is a couple of hundred dollars extra than what Apple charges for the base model of the 13-inch MacBook Air. If you cannot wait for Apple to launch a fanless MacBook Air, you will be glad to know that Samsung’s laptop is scheduled to hit retail stores in Q1, 2015.

The fanless MacBook Air from Apple is expected to sport a higher resolution display, a slimmer design, and probably a redesigned clamshell design to shake up the portable laptop market once again.

[Via The Verge]

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