Samsung beats Apple to a fanless 12-inch laptop with Intel’s Core M processor


Rumors about Apple working on a 12-inch MacBook Air with a slimmer and fanless design have been intermittently making their way to the Internet. The last rumor stated that the new MacBook Air has already gone into ‘pilot’ production and will release in Q1, 2015 along with the Apple Watch

A fanless design will allow Apple to make the new MacBook Air slimmer than even the existing design. However, Apple’s main rival — at least in the smartphone market — Samsung, has already one-upped the company by announcing a new addition to its laptop portfolio with a fanless design. The 2015 variant of the Ativ Book 9 sports a 12.2-inch display with a staggering 2560*1600 resolution — besting even the Retina display of the MacBook Pro.


The fanless design of the laptop is enabled by the new Core M processors from Intel, which might not top the benchmarks, but offer a perfect balance between power, heat dissipation and battery life. According to the official numbers from Samsung, the 0.46-inch thin laptop can last nearly 10.5 hours on a single charger. For comparison, the 13-inch MacBook Air is roughly 0.64-inches thick.

Other highlights of the new laptop from Samsung includes a Wolfson  lossless audio player, native FLAC support and enhanced focused on security. The base model of the Ativ Book 9 will start from $1, 199, which is a couple of hundred dollars extra than what Apple charges for the base model of the 13-inch MacBook Air. If you cannot wait for Apple to launch a fanless MacBook Air, you will be glad to know that Samsung’s laptop is scheduled to hit retail stores in Q1, 2015.

The fanless MacBook Air from Apple is expected to sport a higher resolution display, a slimmer design, and probably a redesigned clamshell design to shake up the portable laptop market once again.

[Via The Verge]

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  • Q

    Samsung new slogan should be – A step ahead of the competition.

    • John John

      “FIRST!” – Samsung

  • fth

    1) When Apple announces a product like this it will likely be available for purchase. This isn’t available for 3 months so I would hardly say they beat Apple until they ship. 2) Apple needs high production numbers which Samsung doesn’t and that would also cause a delay. 3) This article is irrelevant because Apple users aren’t going to switch over this.

    • BoatBoy

      What this shows is that Apple is again a follower, not an innovator. Just like a big screen phone, a watch, a TV, …

      • jonas

        They don’t follow, it takes longer to develop the ‘similar’ product because they spend much more valuable time in designing the product to really bring an amazing customer experience.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        Samsung didn’t innovate anything… all they did was put intel’s new (public) chip in their laptop before anyone else did and manufacture it.

        The new chip will be a standard, and Intel is the innovator here. Why wouldn’t you upgrade your line of products with the latest CPU? Your post made no sense.

        • bcsc

          With the rumored rebuild of touchwiz, a unibody curved screen S6 and the ongoing fame of the Note, Samsung is still in a great place.

  • bcsc

    Add this to the news that Samsung have also overtaken Apple in customer satisfaction and you see the inevitable trend. Apple is on its way down. It will be a slow decline, but its happening.

    • Annie Leonhardt

      Not as fast as the decline of Samsung with -50% profit every year. lol. Samsung is getting raped pretty hard.

      • jamaal rashid

        Lol give some sources please as I highly doubt that.

        • Annie Leonhardt

          androidauthority. com/samsung-ceo-jk-shin-pay-cut-567168/
          fortune. com/2014/12/16/smartphone-sales-samsungs-fell-apples-grew-xiaomis-exploded/

          Your doubts have been fulfilled 😀 cheers. Samsung sucks. It’s what they get for their terrible mock Apple ads.

  • jzack

    personally, i think that samsung is just overpriced. you can get the same spec of laptop/ tab along with windows / android. so whats the difference between samsung with acer and any other pc/ tablet manufacturer? even their after-sales service is not as good as apple. at least apple has their own os and syncing between ios device enables us to do work on-the-go.

  • quitcherbichinn

    My last Windows laptop, before I made the switch to Mac in February 2011, was a Samsung. I gotta tell y’all…it was the BIGGEST POS I’ve ever owned! It made the switch to Mac a much easier choice for me. In fact it sent me RUNNING to Mac! Samsung, from my experience and ownership, is garbage! Run from it…run fast and far from it!