Security flaw allows some Delta passengers to access others’ boarding passes

image Delta boarding pass

While the focus is to go digital, to consolidate all of our cards and anything else into a digital format so we can put them on smartphones, sometimes it’s not always a good thing.

As originally reported by Engadget recently, Hackers of NY founder Dani Grant have uncovered a security flaw that allows Delta customers to access the boarding passes of other passengers — even if they aren’t necessarily on the same flight, or even the same airline. The opening was discovered when Grant discovered that she can share a link of her boarding pass to anyone, then change a single digit within the digital pass to get an entirely different boarding pass as a result.

Of course, just having the boarding pass of someone else won’t earn a seat on a plane. With the security measures in place, the TSA checks the boarding pass, with the name and picture of ID, so the security flaw, while big for personal identity, is not one that can be misused.

Have you ever used your phone as a boarding pass?

[via Engadget]

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