Shazam update brings deeper Spotify integration, Shazam counts and more


Shazam today updated its mobile apps to add an in-app music player, enhanced Spotify integration and more. 

The in-app music player will allow Shazam users to listen to Shazam charts quickly, while the deeper Spotify integration will allow users to listen to full tracks right from within the app. The integration also allows users to directly add a shazamed app to their playlists in Spotify. The update also introduces ‘Shazam Counts’ that allows users to see exactly how many times a particular track has been shazamed by other Shazam users.

The full change-log of the update is below:

We’ve reworked your homescreen so the second you open the app, you can –
• Keep up to date with the latest from all the artists you’ve Shazamed.
• Get instant access to the freshest Shazam charts.
• Find out what your friends have Shazamed – just login to Facebook.

A new way to play. The ‘Play All’ button lets you –
• Listen to full playlists across Shazam – Charts, your Shazams, and Recommended songs (now with better song recommendations customised for you!)
• Quickly rate any track with the new player: Like it? Swipe right to save it to My Shazam. Not for you? Swipe left to skip it.
• Hit play, and off you go with the music you want to hear, all in Shazam.

We know you love Spotify and so do we! Connect in Shazam and –
• Listen to FULL tracks in any Shazam playlist!
• Add a Shazam track to any of your Spotify playlists.
• Find all your Shazams saved to a ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist in Spotify.
• Don’t forget, we’ve got you covered with Rdio too.

While the update is rolling out for the Android as well as iOS version of the app, the deeper Spotify integration is only available to iOS users for now.

Download link: