Apple releases Apple Watch mock-up showcasing bezel sizes

image Apple Watch bezel mock up

Ever since the announcement of the Apple Watch in the late part of 2014, Apple has been trickling out information to help developers prepare their apps and services for the upcoming wearable.

In the latest update to its official support page for design resources for the Watch, Apple has released a mock-up of the 38mm and 42mm smartwatches. The mock-up indicates quite clearly that the bezel on each watch is the same size, which means that on the smaller 38mm variant, the bezels take up more proportions than they do on the larger 42mm option.

While the mock-up is essentially made specifically for developers, for anyone that’s really interested in all of the key details regarding the Watch, it’s a good way to see how it will size up. Of course, finding the right Apple Watch for an individual means actually trying it on, which will hopefully be possible soon.

[via 9to5Mac; Apple]

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  • Jaco

    still going to wait for the next generation, which will be slimmer and more powerful.

  • Fedor

    watch shouldn’t be slim. it’s a feature, not a gap. afraid your waiting will be all in vain

  • David House

    This watch is gonna SUUUUUUCK.

    The Android Wear watches out already can do much more, much better, than this overpriced novelty.

    I’m not fanboy of anything, in fact I like my mac computer, but if someone is going to pay over $300 for that, they’re f*cking stupid.