The Apple Watch is on schedule to begin shipping in April

apple watch hero

When the Apple Watch was originally unveiled, its launch date was cleverly left out of the news cycle, leaving it up to an “early 2015” proclamation.

While 2015 is still new, the release date for the highly anticipated Apple Watch is still up in the air, with reports surfacing that suggest it could launch as early as the end of March. However, during the conference call following the company’s Q1 2015 earnings report, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch is “on schedule” and will begin shipping in April.

Apple also said that there were some amazing apps in the works for the Apple Watch, and that he was using it every day, and couldn’t live without it.

My expectations are very high on it. I’m using it every day and love it and can’t live without it.

As for an exact date, of course, that was left out of the verbiage. However, knowing it’s coming in April, and that it’s on schedule, is big enough for now.

Are you planning to buy the Apple Watch when it is available in April?