Ericsson counters Apple as it files complaint regarding technology license payments

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Early in the morning on Wednesday, January 14, it was revealed that Apple had filed a court order against the Swedish telecom presence, Ericsson, regarding high royalty fees for LTE patents.

Now, it has been revealed by Reuters that Ericsson has actually moved to counter Apple in a Texas court, following the filing of a complaint against the Cupertino-based company regarding technology license payments. The filing was made recently in a U.S. district court, and says that Apple’s licenses to use technology that was developed by Ericsson and used in smartphones, tablets and more had expired. While there have been two years of negotiations, a new deal had not been struck, which led to this complaint.

We have been trying to negotiate a new agreement. We came to the conclusion we needed the help of a third party,” its chief intellectual property officer, Kasim Alfalahi, said.

Ericsson is a common name within the telecommunications industry, holding more than 35,000 patents related to network technologies including 2G, 3G and 4G. It’s presence in the market means that Ericsson makes a large portion of its revenue through the licensing of these technologies and patents. A complaint like this is certainly to make waves, even for a short period, as both Apple and Ericsson battle it out in the court system.

[via Reuters]

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