Fake ‘Apple Watch prototype’ sold on eBay for $260


The Apple Watch is still a couple of months away from its launch, but its knockoffs have already started making their way to the market. We have already seen a fake Apple Watch from a Shenzhen based company at CES earlier this month, and now, a listing of a fake “Apple Watch Prototype” has made its way to eBay.

The fake prototype was sold out in just hours for $260 — purchased by some poor soul who will soon realize he was duped into buying a cheap Chinese knockoff.

The listing from the seller claimed that he managed to get his hands on the “prototype Apple Watch” from his cousin who works at Apple. However, once you look at the images of the watch posted by him, it becomes all but obvious that we are looking at a fake replica of the original Apple Watch here.

Leaks have indicated that the real Apple Watch will to go on sale sometime in March with retail training for the smartwatch slated to start in February.

[Via Cult of Mac]

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