How to change the Snooze time for iPhone alarms with Sleeper [Jailbreak Only]


Normally, iOS 8 doesn’t provide an option to select the snooze time for each alarm and the default is set to 9 minutes. If you’re looking for a way to alter the snooze interval for each alarm, you’d probably be interested in a new jailbreak tweak dubbed as Sleeper.

As you might have guessed by now, the tweak allows you to choose the snooze time for each individual alarm rather than sticking to the default 9 minutes snooze. This will come in handy if you set a lot of alarms with a few minutes time difference in between as you can just use the tweak to set a few alarms only, but with a lower snooze time.

The best thing about the tweak is that it is integrated into the Alarm section of the stock Clock app making it feel like a native option as well as more convenient. When you edit an alarm or would like to add a new one, you will notice a new option below the Snooze toggle where you can alter the snooze time. This will appear only if the Snooze toggle is enabled.

Tapping on the Snooze Time option takes you to a new page where you can set its time by choosing the hours, minutes or seconds. You can also reset it to the default time by simply tapping on the Reset Default button.

Once you’re done, there’s nothing much to do. Simply save the alarm and the next time it starts to ring, simply snooze it and you’ll notice the snooze time is set to the custom one you chose.

If you’re worried that you might miss your morning class or a meeting just because you’re lazy to wake up in the morning and snooze the alarms instead, you’ll definitely find this tweak useful. Sleeper can be purchased for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and it supports iOS 8 devices only.