How to invoke Siri’s music recognition feature using an Activator gesture


One of the cool new iOS 8 features of Siri is its integration with Shazam allowing you to use it to quickly identify which song is playing. All you have to do is to launch Siri and say the phrase “What’s this song” and it will quickly use Shazam’s music recognition service to display the name of the song along with its price tag in the iTunes Store.

To make your life easier, ‘What’s this song, Siri’ is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you invoke Siri’s music recognition via an Activator gesture. This means that after you install it, you no longer need to launch Siri and ask her to determine the song. You can simply invoke the tweak via an Activator gesture and Siri will automatically launch and start to listen to the song playing. This is quite useful if you want to quickly determine the song playing before it ends.

Once you install the tweak, to start using it, you’ll first have to assign an Activator gesture to invoke it from anywhere. To do this, open Activator in the stock Settings app and choose a gesture you want, such as double tap the Status Bar to invoke it.

After you’re done, when you perform the gesture you just assigned, Siri will be automatically launched and starts to listen to the song playing to determine its name and artist.

This is definitely a handy tweak to automatically launch Siri to find out what song is playing. As mentioned by the developer, the tweak only works for Siri in English language so if you’re using any other language, you’re out of luck. To give it this tweak a try, head to Cydia and download ‘What’s this song, Siri’ from the BigBoss repository for free.

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