‘GMT bug’ in Calendar Sync on iOS 8 displaying events in incorrect time zone

Apple has had to deal with a lot of criticism over the increasing number of bugs in iOS 8, and while the company delivers fixes in updates, new bug reports don’t appear to stop.

On Apple’s support forum, there are nearly 600 responses to a problem with Apple’s handling of time zone in Calendar events that are synced via a service like Google or Microsoft Exchange.

The issue stems from iOS using the syncing server’s time zone in the event, rather than the user’s time zone. So while the entry is correct on the user’s device, if they edit the entry without realising the difference in time zones, it can cause problems, leading to incorrect times, and missed appointments. Most commonly the server time zone is GMT, which is why this bug is also dubbed the “GMT bug”. It was introduced in iOS 8, and Apple hasn’t fixed it yet.


The issue is only in the default Calendar app, so you can use a third party app like Fantastical or Sunrise as a work around.

Apple has confirmed that this behavior is indeed a bug, so we can expect a fix either in the impending iOS 8.1.3 update, or iOS 8.2, which is in beta currently.

Have you faced a similar issue after updating to iOS 8? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Forbes]