iTunes Connect issue showing incorrect user names and apps for some developers

image iTunes Connect outage

iTunes Connect is reportedly seeing widespread issues for many developers accessing the platform.

iTunes Connect is a portal that the company uses to manage the application content that’s sold through the App Store. According to several different developers, many of which have popular apps available in the iOS and Mac App Stores, after logging into iTunes Connect with their own personal credentials, they are being presented with other applications, and being identified under the wrong username.

As noted by Paul Haddad, after logging into iTunes Connect to which Haddad should be showcased Tweetbot among other apps, instead he was shown apps for H&R Block:

iTunes Connect is bringing up this incorrect information, but as of the time of this writing it would appear that any further changes are not being made, as the process errors out before any further changes, those within the developer’s portal, can be made and finalized.

Moreover, as this story was being written, Apple pulled access to iTunes Connect, which now simply shows that Connect is not available at this time.

image iTunes Connect Unavailable

Any developers out there seeing the same issues?

[via 9to5Mac; @Tapbot_Paul]