Meet Hyperdon ‘Smart Watch’, a $27 Chinese Apple Watch knockoff

Fake Chinese Apple Watch

At the CES 2015 floor in Las Vegas, a Chinese company was showing off an Apple Watch knockoff that it was selling for only $27. 

The company behind this Apple Watch knockoff is based in Shenzhen, China and is known as Hyperdon. Apparently, the company sells its product stores through retail stores in the United States and China, as told by its representative to Mashable.

The company calls its watch the “Smart Watch” with the representative claiming that it has a battery life of “more than 180 hours.” At first glance, it is almost impossible to distinguish this “Smart Watch” with Apple Watch. Turn on the screen and you will be greeted by icons that are a blatant rip-off from Apple Watch.


For a knockoff, the watch packs in some impressive technology, including a pedometer, stopwatch, alarm, a vibration motor and motor. The Mashable reporter who purchased the watch was able to pair it with her iPhone after a few tries and was then successfully able to make phone calls and play music through it. Apparently, the watch also has an option to display notifications from certain apps including WeChat, but requires the installation of a shady looking APK.

A testimony to the company’s shady practices is the fact that the representative told the Mashable reporter that the price of the watch was $30, and not the $27 she quoted earlier, after she returned from an ATM with the money.

[Via Mashable]

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  • 8lias

    I tried to order one but they won’t accept fake money.

  • hypnopotamus

    hahahahahahaha Chinese 😀

    • Edward

      What if it actually worked with IPhones shit that company would sell hella

  • filthyjason

    seems legit

  • Moinul Alam

    what kind of connector?

  • Dill

    27$? And it’s not a piece of garage? I kinda want one..

  • gaucho

    waste of money

  • luis

    lol im about to order one just to try it

  • Matthew Fleagle

    Links to where to buy or actually contact the company? I’m curious!

  • W Van Landingham III

    I’d buy one – just so I could break it in front an Apple fanboy after telling them its real.