QuickSiri allows you to ask Siri questions using Activator gestures


Have you ever found yourself asking the same questions from Siri over and over again? If yes, you’d probably be interested in a brand new jailbreak tweak known as QuickSiri that will save your precious time.

With QuickSiri, you can assign any Siri phrase to an Activator gesture such that when you invoke it, Siri will launch automatically and perform the command assigned to the gesture. You can ask anything, and are not limited to a predefined set of questions.

Once you install QuickSiri, a new preference pane will be added to the stock Settings app dedicated to the tweak. You’ll notice that it allows you to set up to five custom phrases of your choice apart from the default ones that it suggests. It can be anything such as what the song is, call a particular contact, set an alarm or even a simple greeting message.

After you’re done creating the custom commands, simply head to Activator’s preferences and assign a gesture to each of the phrases you just created.

When you invoke a gesture, Siri will launch automatically and will quickly respond to the question. The other benefit of the tweak is that there’s also no chance of Siri misunderstanding your question. Check out the demo of the tweak in the video below.

If you use some phrases frequently while using Siri, then you should definitely consider checking out QuickSiri as it quickens the process and saves your time. You can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free of charge.