TwitkaFly updated for iOS 8, adds Quick Compose and Quick Reply features to Tweetbot and Twitter app


If you’ve been following the jailbreak community closely, you have heard of a jailbreak tweak known as TwitkaFly. Good news is that it has now been updated to support iOS 8 devices and if you use the official Twitter or the Tweetbot app on your iPhone frequently, you should probably consider checking out TwitkaFly.

It makes tweeting a whole lot easier by allowing you to quickly compose a tweet from anywhere within iOS via an Activator gesture. The tweak also adds a tiny button to the bottom left corner of the Lock screen or below the Notification Center allowing you to tweet directly from there as well.

Additionally, when you receive a new mention notification from Twitter or the Tweetbot app, you can quickly reply back to them via the pop-up interface that appears without opening any of the apps. The interesting part is that it also supports Direct Message so that you can reply to them as well.

Once you install TwitkaFly, jump over to its preference pane in the stock Settings app to start customizing it. From there, you can enable or disable Quick Reply and Quick Compose features, adjust the position of the compose shortcut that appears in Notification Center and the Lock screen as well as install FlipSwitch for Control Center so that you can compose tweets from there as well.

If you’re into Activator gestures, you can also select a custom gesture which you’d like to use to invoke TwitkaFly and compose a new tweet from anywhere.


You can also change the theme. The ‘Dark’ theme is my favorite. You’ll also find a few other customization options such as the ability to change the tweak’s shortcut icon, the sound TwitkaFly makes when you send a response through it etc.

You can check out the tweak in action below:

The tweak provides a free 7-day trial, after which you need to pay $2.99. So check out TwitkaFly if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think in the comments.