Mystery Apple van has been captured on video in Palo Alto

image Apple electric car

Apple’s bid to keep its camera-equipped mini-vans a secret didn’t last long, and it seems we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of them before we actually find out what they’re for. Another mystery vehicle has been spotted in Palo Alto, California, and this time it was captured on video.

Like the others we’ve seen, this particular Apple van is completely unmarked, but the large apparatus on its roof helps it stick out like a sore thumb. This vehicle was spotted driving past Juana Briones Park on Clemo Avenue, a neighborhood located around 10 miles from Apple’s headquarters, MacRumors reports.

While speculation surrounding Apple’s work on an electric car has really heated up over the past week or so, it seems these vehicles have little to do with those plans. Their cameras and sensors suggest they are more likely part of a mapping project, like an Apple alternative to Google’s Street View.

We’re certainly not ruling out an Apple car, however. Many reputable sources have reported that the company has long been hiring automotive experts — some of whom were poached from Tesla — who are working in a top-secret research lab located near 1 Infinite Loop, Apple’s main headquarters.

However, it’s likely to be a long time yet before we see the fruits of this particular project. Some analysts predict we’ll be waiting at least five years, while other experts predict it’ll be more like ten.

[via MacRumors]