Apple aiming to start car production by 2020

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The Apple Car is a rumor that refuses to go away, and instead continues to gain traction. Now, a new report suggests Apple could be aiming to start production in just five years.

Based on a report published by Bloomberg on Thursday, February 19, Apple is said to be planning on entering the Car’s production as early as 2020. This report comes from unnamed sources familiar with the matter. The report indicates that many auto manufacturers typically take anywhere between five to seven years when producing a vehicle, so Apple’s goals are quite grandiose, to say the least.

That’s the inflection point — the proving ground — that brings on the electric age,” Steve LeVine, author of “The Powerhouse,” a book about the automotive battery industry, said on Bloomberg TV Thursday. “Now you have Apple coming in and this is critical mass. Was GM really going to be able to match Tesla? Apple can.

According to Bloomberg, both Tesla and General Motors are aiming to launch a vehicle in 2017, an electric car — much like the same vehicle that Apple is said to be manufacturing — that can go 200 miles on a single charge, but also cost less than $40,000. Apple’s aim, if anywhere near this bar, could put a new level of competition for the other auto manufacturers.

Apple’s put together a strong team, based on reports, and with this new timeframe established, it would seem Apple is indeed very serious about launching an Apple Car.

[via Bloomberg]