Apple expected to deliver refreshed MacBook Airs on February 24

MacBook Air

Apple is expected to deliver new MacBook Airs this month, but they won’t be the all-new models we’ve all been waiting for. Instead, they’ll likely be refreshed versions of the existing lineup with some welcome improvements, such as Intel’s latest Core processors.

Apple will announce the new MacBook Airs in a “quiet way,” Czech blog LetemSvetemApplem reports, citing trusted sources. Rather than a press keynote, the company will probably just issue a press release and then make the new machines available right away via its online store.

These claims will undoubtedly be met by mixed feelings from those looking to buy a new MacBook Air; while it is always good news that new models are on the way, they aren’t expected to be the all-new Airs with redesigned form factors that we’ve been waiting for.

Those wanting that much-anticipated 12-inch model with Retina display will have to wait longer, then. However, recent reports did warn that we shouldn’t expect this device until mid-2015.

This month’s refresh will likely add Intel’s latest Core i5 and Core i7 processors to the MacBook Air lineup, which bring the newest Intel HD 6000 graphics. Unfortunately, they could cost more, too, as Apple adjusts prices to reflect the current exchange rates against the dollar.

If you’re waiting for new MacBook Pros, you shouldn’t expect them to launch alongside the new Airs; LetemSvetemApplem notes that the new processors for these machines won’t be available until the end of this quarter.

[via LetemSvetemApplem]