Apple installing safes in its retail stores to keep gold Apple Watch

18-Karat Gold Apple Watch

To keep its expensive gold plated Apple Watch safe from being stolen, Apple will be installing safes at its official retail stores. The safes have been custom designed by Apple and come with MagSafe chargers built-in to charge the 18-carat Apple Watch Edition.

According to sources of 9to5Mac, Apple is already installing the safes in some of its retail stores. Their sources also claim that Apple is preparing to re-organize its shelves to make room for dedicated tables for the Apple Watch. Additionally, the Cupertino company is working on new ways to demonstrate the Apple Watch to customers that visit its stores.

Considering that the price of the Apple Watch Edition will reportedly run into thousands of dollars, thanks to its watch case that has been crafted from 18-carat gold and a sapphire crystal glass, this move from Apple definitely makes sense. Jewelry stores employ a similar method to prevent jewelries from being stolen while still allowing potential customers to trying them out.

Apple Watch is scheduled to launch in April thereby just making its announced timeline of “early 2015.” It will be available in multiple editions with a base price of $349.

Updated: Apple is also installing special weight scales in its retail stores to weight the amount of gold in each Apple Watch Edition. The Cupertino company wants to make sure that a customer does not remove any amount of gold from their “defective” gold Apple Watch before requesting a replacement or refund. The steps being taken by Apple to keep its Apple Watch Edition safe clearly indicate that the price tag of the gold Apple Watch is going to run into thousands of dollars.

[Via 9to5Mac]