How to customize the look of the Messages app in iOS 8


Do you wish to customize the look and feel of the stock Messages app on your iPhone? If so, you might be interested in a jailbreak tweak known as MessagesCustomiser by iOS Developer Charlie Hewitt.

Messages Customiser was one of the popular jailbreak tweaks in iOS 7, and the good news is that has been updated for iOS 8.

Just as the name implies, the tweak allows you to customize various aspects of the Messages app ranging from the message bubbles to the conversation background and the tint color of the app.

Once you install MessagesCustomiser, you’ll find a new preferences pane in the Settings app dedicated to the tweak. From there, you can enable or disable the tweak via the kill switch toggle and change the color of the SMS, iMessage and the recipient’s message bubbles. You can either apply a solid color to the message bubbles or enable gradient. The good thing about the tweak is that you have the option to either choose a color from a list of predefined ones that come with it or alter the RGB sliders to come up with a color of your choice.

Other than this, you can also change the tint color of the Messages app, change the color of the background or use an image as well as customize the color of some texts such as the timestamps and the read receipts. The tweak also provides various other advanced settings to further customize the message bubbles such as its width or tail.


What I like mostly about this tweak is that it features a reset button so that you can revert back to the default settings in case you mess up with the configuration. Once you’re done with the customization, all you have to do is to close the Messages app and launch it again for the new changes to take place.

MessagesCustomiser is currently in the beta phase so you might run into bugs while using it. For instance, when you toggle on the gradient option for message bubbles, it crashes the Settings app after getting enabled.

If you’re interested to give this tweak a try, you’ll have to add the following new source to Cydia first: . Once done, search for the tweak and install it on your device.

Let us know how the tweak performs on your iOS 8 device.

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  • Gregory Kitchens

    Sure, why not?

  • Alan

    Have been eagerly waiting for it. One of my favorite tweaks.

  • Nathan

    After installing this tweak, my messages app crashes as soon as I attempt to open it. I am currently running IOS8.1.1 on an iphone 5s. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Torrey

      Me to

      • Rick Bilodeau

        Same here. Had to uninstall.

        • Alihassan

          Works fine on my iPhone 5s running iOS 8.1

          • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

            Does it drain your battery?

          • Alihassan

            No it doesn’t

    • Guest

      Try customMessages I didn’t have any problems with that

  • George Wilson

    Works great on iPhone 5, IOS 1.8.1

  • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

    Does it drain your battery?