Deals on Mota iPhone Battery Case, Revogi Smartbulb, Jump Desktop App are Ending Soon [Deals Hub]


Once your battery gives out from overuse, theMOTA iPhone 6 Battery Case kicks right in. Packed with 3800mAh of usable battery, this case connects to your iPhone and provides a boost of battery life.

When it’s not giving you an extra charge, it’s keeping your iPhone safe with its protective casing. You’ll barely even notice it’s there, save for all the extra phone use it provides.

You can get the MOTA iPhone 6 Battery Case on sale from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $35. That’s a savings of 64% off the retail price. It’s a deal you can’t beat for that much extra battery, so grab this offer today.




With Jump Desktop you’ll have complete access to your apps and files on another computer from wherever you want to be – and thanks to iPhone Hacks Deals you can have that access for a fraction of the regular price. So pick up Jump Desktop at our Deals page for only $12.


With the Revogi Smartbulb, you’re totally in control over your environment. Set the mood with over 16 million colors colors, brightness options, and more. It’s an unprecedented way to interact with your home. It can sync up with your music, provide a natural light to wake you in the morning, and much more. And there’s more to the ilumi than that. It saves 90% of energy consumption from a standard bulb, assuring you a long lasting and efficient light.

You can get the ilumi LED Smartbulb on sale from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $34.99. That’s a savings of $15 off the retail price. It’s a great deal for a bulb that won’t burn out, so grab this offer today.




If you need to turn out print media that will get the attention of your audience and show off your work in a way that will be difficult to ignore, then you need to pick up Swift Publisher 3. It’s on sale for just $9.99.


Keeping track of what you eat can be difficult, but it’s an important part of maintaining your health. The process is made easier with the Prep Pad Smart Food Scale and Nutrition Tracker, on sale now from the iPhone Deals Hub for just $112.