Developer gets Android Wear to work with iPhones using official iOS APIs

android wear interface

Interested in using an Android Wear running smartwatch, but bummed about it being incompatible with your iPhone? Well thanks to developer MohammedAG, it will soon be possible to use your iPhone with any Android Wear watch. 

The developer has posted a video on YouTube that shows an incoming message notification on his iPhone 6 popping up on his Moto 360.

MohammedAG managed to get Android Wear to play nicely with iOS using the official Apple Notification Center Service APIs, which was introduced by the Cupertino company in iOS 7, and the Bluetooth 4.1 LE APIs of Android. Pebble takes advantage of the same APIs to make its watch work with iPhones and iPad.

Additionally, the developer had to create and sideload an APK on his Moto 360 to achieve this feat. The developer states that the initial setup of the Android Wear smartwatch that you want to pair with your iPhone must already be complete, though it can be bypassed if you are willing to root the watch. You will, however, still need an Android device if you need to install any app on your Android Wear watch.

While the iPhone in the video is jailbroken, the developer has confirmed that non-jailbroken iPhones will also be able to forward their notifications to Android Wear running smartwatches.

The developer is yet to release the required APKs to the public, but it should just be a matter of time before he does that.

[Via Android Beat]