DexCom’s app for the Apple Watch will let diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels

Apple Watch apps

Apple Watch owners will be able to monitor their blood sugar levels right from their wrist thanks to a new app from DexCom. The company is known for making a glucose monitor that is as thin as a hair and needs to be placed just a layer below the skin on the patient. 

The sensor is capable of monitoring blood sugar levels on a five-minute interval and does not require the patient to draw any blood from their body.

The company is now developing an app for the upcoming Apple Watch that will allow patients to view their blood sugar levels right on their wrist. The app is currently in development, but DexCom expects it to be ready by the time the Apple Watch is launched to the public in April.

DexCom’s glucose monitoring hardware


This app for the Apple Watch has been possible because the Food and Drug Administration relaxed its rules on health related apps from January. Now, DexCom and developers of other similar health related apps will only have to get their app registered with the FDA before they can release it to the public. However, the hardware sold by DexCom will remain a Class III device, which means they will need prior approval from FDA before it can be sold to consumers.

The FDA has been reassessing its health-apps policies. “We felt that the risks that the app imposed weren’t as high,” said Alberto Gutierrez, director of the FDA’s Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health.

Developers, including DexCom, will also have to comply with certain rules set by the FDA, but they can release their apps to the public before getting the approval from the regulatory body. FDA has also increased the speed of their approval process itself and gave DexCom’s companion iPhone app the regulatory nod in January, which was much faster than the company’s expectations.

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