The FTC is cracking down on apps that falsely claim to detect melanoma

image Melanoma apps

The Federal Trade Commission has come forward and begun challenging not only the apps directly, but also marketers of apps that have falsely claimed the ability to detect melanoma.

As a result, the FTC is now fining the developers behind two different apps that have claimed in the past to be able to detect the symptoms of melanoma. Those apps are “Mole Detective” and “MelApp,” were removed from the App Store quite awhile ago, and Apple itself has actually worked to remove similar apps from the App Store at its own rate.

The Federal Trade Commission has challenged marketers for deceptively claiming their mobile apps could detect symptoms of melanoma, even in its early stages. In two separate cases, marketers of MelApp and Mole Detective have agreed to settlements that bar them from continuing to make such unsupported claims. The agency is pursuing charges against two additional marketers of Mole Detective who did not agree to settle.

As far as health and technology are concerned, the FTC is no stranger to looking into the connection that some have tried to put together. Indeed, even Apple has come under the magnifying glass of the FTC near the end of 2014, regarding the collection of health data through its devices.

[via FTC]