Google Play Music for iOS updated with a new iPad app, Material Design UI tweaks

image Google Play Music iPad app

On Tuesday, February 17, Google officially released the newest update for Google Play Music, and for any users out there waiting for an iPad app, it’s a good day.

The latest update brings the app to version 2.0.3828, and with it, brings a brand new Material Design aesthetic to the app. This means it should match plenty of other Google products, and reflects the design cues that the company is bringing to all of its apps.

However, the mainstay of the update includes a brand new iPad app, which also comes with the Material Design tweak.

Other changes include a “more immersive” Now Playing experience, and a plethora of small visual improvements throughout the app. It also boasts faster caching and overall improvements to streaming audio, so listening to music should be faster and sound better.

The app’s update is available now, and a link to the app is below.

Download link

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