GrabberApp8: Jailbreak tweak adds two customizable app grabbers to the Lock screen


Normally, the iOS 8 Lock screen features a camera grabber located in the bottom right corner of the screen which provides quick access to the Camera app to capture photos and videos. GrabberApp8 is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you change the app assigned to the camera grabber or add a new one to the screen.

With the tweak, you can add an additional new app grabber to the Lock screen which will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen and can be associated with any app available on your device. On the other hand, you can also change the app that is assigned to the camera app grabber.

When you swipe up one of the app grabbers, the app associated to the grabber will be launched after you enter the passcode.

Once you install GrabberApp8, you’ll find a new preferences pane in the Settings app where you can configure the tweak. From there, you can enable or disable one or both of the customizable app grabbers on the Lock screen as well as choose the applications that are associated with each.

When you add the second grabber to the Lock screen, the icon of the app associated with the grabber will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. However, if you change the app assigned to the camera grabber, the camera icon will still remain. Only the app that is assigned to it will change.

Once done, you can simply tap on the Respring button for the new changes to take place. This also means that you’ll have to respring your device everytime you configure the tweak such the apps assigned to each grabber,

One of the issues that I faced while testing the tweak is that some apps will not launch if the Lock screen passcode is enabled. This means that you’ll have to disable it for the tweak to work perfectly which in my opinion is not a very good idea. If you want a more stable tweak similar to this, I recommend that you check out Ryan Petrich’s Grabby tweak on Cydia.

GrabberApp8 is available for free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section below.