Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking your iPhone from February 11

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If you live in the United States and are using an iPhone or any other smartphone that is locked to its carrier, here’s some good news for you. Starting from February 11, you will be easily able to unlock your phone through your carrier. 

The process of unlocking phones comes thanks to the new unlocking standards that were announced by CTIA in 2013, which state the conditions under which a carrier will have to unlock your device.

If you are on T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon or AT&T, your iPhone or any other smartphone will be qualified for being unlocked from February 11, 2015. However, to be eligible for being unlocked, you must have already paid in full for your device or your contract must have ended. If you are in Military and will be deployed overseas, you can show the papers to your carrier and unlock your smartphone irrespective of whether you have paid for it in full or not.

Carriers will be offering two types of unlock: Master Subsidy Unlock (MSL) and Domestic Sim-Unlock capable (DSU). Majority of the devices on the market currently will be unlocked through MSL in which owners will have to enter a code given by their carrier in their handset to remove the restrictions.

DSU capable devices will automatically receive an OTA update to remove the restrictions. However, apart from the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5S — which will be receiving DSU support on February 19th — hardly any other device on the market supports this new unlocking procedure.

As for charges, existing customers will be able to unlock their smartphones for free, while former and new customers will be able to unlock their smartphones at a “reasonable cost.”

If you want to see the full unlocking policy for each carrier, you can check the links below:

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Frequently asked question:

➤ Can I unlock iPhone for free using Ultrasn0w (software unlock)?

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  • blu

    So how does this change what I have been doing for a few years?
    Once my contract was up with ATT I could send in a request on their website and in a day or so the phone was unlocked.

  • blu

    But if you unlock a Sprint phone, what other network can it be used on? Verizon?
    I know with GSM models it is nice because all you have to do is swap the SIM card to use another carrier if unlocked.

    • James Harding

      I do believe ever since the iPhone 4S, all iPhones have been world phones (contain both CDMA and GSM chipsets), so technically you could switch to any provider you want.

      • blu

        Ahh, OK. I have only had phones from ATT, so never knew that.
        So you could take an unlocked Sprint phone and pop a SIM card it in no problem? What if it was still active on Sprint and then had an active SIM, would the phone have 2 phone numbers?

  • Paul Kwon

    I thought this was only for new phones (Such as the iphone 6) that was bought after February 11th. Anyone that bought the phone before that date won’t be able to unlock….?

    • me

      Only on sprint and feb 11 or before sprint will unlock for international not domestic.

      • They’ve been unlocking iPhones for international use for years. I’m looking forward to domestic unlock if it ever happens.

  • Edwin Balla

    If I have a Sprint iPhone 4s ,and I live outside of US ,in europe for example,because I’d bought it form ebay 2years ago…and it has clean ESN as well….what is the way to unlock it?