Imagination Technologies latest GPU will potentially allow Apple to convert the Apple TV into a gaming console

PowerVT GT7900

Imagination Technologies today unveiled its latest “super-GPU,” the GT7900, that potentially allows Apple to convert the Apple TV into a gaming console.  

The GT7900 is the fastest GPU ever from the company, and comes with many advanced features like full hardware support for tesselation, HDR texture compression standards, and offers 3x the GFLOPS performance compared to its previous high end GPU.

Imagination Technologies also revealed the full specs of other GPUs that will be available under the Series7XT family, which can be found below.

  • PowerVR GT7200: 2 clusters and 64 ALU cores.
  • PowerVR GT7400: 4 clusters and 128 ALU cores.
  • PowerVR GT7600: 6 clusters and 192 ALU cores.
  • PowerVR GT7800: 8 clusters and 256 ALU cores.
  • PowerVR GT7900: 16 clusters and 512 ALU cores.

The PowerVR GT7200 and 7400 are intended to be used in mainstream phones and tablets, along with high-end 4K TVs and set-top boxes, while the GT7600 is designed to be used in high-end phones and mid-range automobiles. Lastly, the GT7800 and the GT7900 are meant to be used in Ultrabooks, high-end tablets and automobiles.

PowerVT Series7XT GPU

Imagination claims that its PowerVR GT7600 GPU is faster than the PlayStation 3 GPU, and is on par with the 240 GFLOPS powerful GPU of the Xbox 360. Additionally, it boasts that the highest rung Series7XT GPU — the GT7900 — is faster than Nvidia’s GT 730M GPU, which is capable of 552.2 GFLOPS.


The company also claims that thanks to an advanced TBDR architecture, its latest GPUs offer sustained performance and don’t overheat under heavy load.

Imagination Technologies has long been the supplier of GPUs for Apple’s chipsets, which are used by the latter inside the iPhone, iPad and the Apple TV. Its new PowerVR GT7900 is significantly powerful than its predecessors, and possibly allows Apple to launch an upgraded Apple TV that can also act as a game console.

The Cupertino company has not refreshed the Apple TV in quite some years now, and expectations are high from the company to give the device a much needed upgrade this year.

Imagination expects its latest PowerVR GPUs to start shipping in consumers devices from later this year.

[Via Imagination]