This iPad Air 2 runs Windows 98 and plays Fallout 2


The idea of running Windows 98 on an iOS device may seem pretty pointless to most, but there’s no denying it’s incredibly cool. Especially when you put it to good use, like the YouTuber in the video below, who uses it to play 1998 PC classic Fallout 2.

“Deekismusic” is running Windows 98 inside the DOSPAD app on a jailbroken iPad Air 2. The mouse can be controlled using the touchscreen, and an external keyboard is connected for typing. As you’ll see in the clip, Windows 98 on an iPad looks and acts just like it did on your PC 16 years ago.

Both Diablo II and Fallout 2 are installed on this iPad, and we get to see the latter startup towards the end of the clip. But unfortunately, we don’t actually get to see the game in action, so it’s hard to tell how well it runs on Apple’s latest tablet.

Deekismusic, who uses the name “8bitsince86” on Reddit, explains that a few optimizations are needed to get the game running smoothly, but adds that that Diablo II should “run fine” on an iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Air 2.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, check out the original Reddit thread via the link below, where Deekismusic explains how he got the whole thing set up.

[via Reddit]