Poll: Is Apple working on an electric car?

Apple Australia

Recent rumors suggest Apple is developing an electric car with production possible in a mere five years. The company reportedly has been hiring hundreds of industry experts to join the Apple Car team. So our poll for you today – Is Apple really going to add an electric car to its product lineup?

These rumors regarding Apple’s car effort, dubbed Project Titan, come rom a variety of sources including the often reliable 9to5Mac, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, with the latter citing “people with knowledge of the matter.” Other reports, like this one from Lance Ulanoff of Mashable, dismiss the idea, claiming the complexity of such a project is staggering and beyond Apple’s capabilities at this point.

With these Apple car rumors increasing in frequency and in reliability, it’s a fair question to ask your opinion on them. Do you think Apple is going to add an electric car to its product lineup or is this a rumor gone awry? Please share your opinions in the comments and explain why or why not you believe in the Apple car.