Apple also acquired data company Acunu to improve cloud infrastructure


Apple’s acquisition of FoundationDB was confirmed this week, and it wasn’t the first takeover the company has made in an effort to improve its cloud services. Apple also acquired U.K.-based data analysis firm Acunu Ltd. some time ago.

“Acunu produced technology to provide analytics on databases,” Bloomberg reports. “Its technology can work with and improve other tools, like the free Cassandra database, which Apple runs on several thousand computers.”

With the purchase of Acunu and FoundationDB, it is evident that Apple is working hard to improve its data infrastructure for its hundreds of millions of users around the world. Their technology and resources can be used to bolster services like iTunes, iCloud, and more.

It’s not completely clear when Apple acquired Acunu, but Bloomberg says that Acunu’s Chief Technology Officer, Tim Moreton, first joined Apple as a manager in the iCloud division back in December 2013, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Other Acunu employees added Apple to their profiled at the start of 2014.

Apple has been aggressively acquiring other companies to improve its products and services — and to expand into new markets — since Tim Cook took over as CEO. Its most notable acquisition so far has been its $3 billion buyout of Beats, but Apple actually acquired a total of 17 companies last year alone.