Apple developing its electric car at SixtyEight’s building in Sunnyvale

Various reports over the last couple of months have claimed that Apple seems to be working on its own vehicle under the codename Project Titan. The company has been hiring a lot of automobile experts, and even regulatory filings from its own lawyers in Switzerland seem to verify reports of the Cupertino company working on an ‘Apple Car.’

Sources of Apple Insider claim that the Apple Car is way past the concept stage with some major work underway on it at an off site that is located in Apple’s Sunnyvale campus. The information was confirmed by Apple Insider who physically visited the location in question. While they did not see the Apple Car, they did see a lot of automobile-related construction going on at the site, including an “auto work area” and a “repair garage.”

It is unclear if this secondary campus is ground zero for “Titan.” But AppleInsider can confirm that Apple does indeed have a large presence at the location, and that numerous automotive-related renovations, including an “auto work area” and a “repair garage,” have been constructed on the premises.

The building — located at 175, Sunnyvale — in question is internally codenamed as the “SG5” at Apple, and is the home of an “innovative” market research firm ‘SixtyEight Research’ that only seems to exist on paper. Apple is known to work on its top-secret projects at an off-site location and under the name of different companies to prevent any leaks.

To prevent any suspicions, Apple employees — who need to enter the building — have been told to hide their badges when they are around the site. Visitors, on the other hand, are provided a badge that looks similar to Apple’s badge, though it lacks the company’s logo.

The building of ‘SixtyEight Research’ a.k.a the company that Apple is using to hide its secret Apple Car project has opaque windows and security cameras outside to prevent any kind of outside intervention. While this is not an uncommon practice, the methods used are similar to what Apple uses at its offices.

Various other documents unearthed by Apple Insider further backup their claim of the site in Sunnyvale being used by Apple for the Apple Car. Make sure to head over to Apple Insider’s article to read more about this mysterious building.