Apple updates Swiss legal documents to add vehicles to the list of company activities


According to swiss website ApfelBlog, Apple lawyers have officially updated the company’s corporate documents and added vehicles as one of its activities in the country.

Below is the paragraph that Apple lawyers have added to the company’s corporate documents at least in Switzerland.

Vehicles; Apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; electronic hardware components for motor vehicles, rail cars and locomotives, ships and aircraft; Anti-theft devices; Theft alarms for vehicles; Bicycles; Golf carts; Wheelchairs; Air pumps; Motorcycles; Aftermarket parts (after-market parts) and accessories for the aforesaid goods.

The inclusion of other types of transportation vehicles like motorcycles, rail cars, bicycles and others in the paragraph should not be given much thought about, since it is typical for companies to add a wide-range of activities that is similar to the product they are working on.

Over the last month or so, various reports have indicated that Apple is looking to enter into the automobile industry. While there have been no concrete evidence as such, looking at how the company has hired automobile experts recently, it is all but clear that Apple is working on something.

[Source ApfelBlog| Via 9to5Mac]

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