Are you having problems with Safari after upgrading to iOS 8.2? Here’s how to fix it

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Apple released iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which includes Health app improvements, stability enhancements, bug fixes and adds support for Apple Watch via a companion app.

The bug fixes and stability enhancements should come as a relief to users facing problems after upgrading to iOS 8 or later. But a number of users including me seem to be having problems with Safari after upgrading to iOS 8.2.

I’m occasionally having problems opening a URL from a third-party app in Safari using the “Open in Safari” option in the Share sheet. It launches Safari, but the url doesn’t seem to be getting passed to it, and results in it loading a blank page. If I load the same URL in Safari then it seems to load fine.

Steve Stroughton-Smith, well-respected developer and hacker is also having problems with Safari.

He goes on to add that “Actually loading an URL from another source locks up Safari on both devices.”

I have had odd issues with Safari before upgrading to iOS 8.2, such as the website loads but the content is not seen till I scroll down. I haven’t hit that issue yet, but this new issue or issues seems to be even more annoying.


If you’re having this problem then you can try to clear the history and website data. It is not ideal as it will clear history, cookies and other browsing data, but it resolved the problem for me, and Stroughton-Smith, and it is still a better option than restoring your device. Hat tip: @patelhiren

Here’s how to fix the problem with Safari:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on Safari.
  • Then tap on Clear History and Website Data.
  • You will get an prompt informing you that clearing will remove history, cookies and browsing data. Tap on Clear History and Data.
  • Double press on the Home button to access the app switcher, and swipe up on the Safari preview to kill the app running in the background. You can also reboot your iOS device.

That’s it, it should help in resolving the issue.

Have you upgraded to iOS 8.2? What has been your experience? Are you having problems with Safari? Let me know if the above solution worked.

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  • Setrin

    Working for me (iPhone 4s)

    • foks


  • Ashton

    No issues on my iPhone 6 but I’d done a clean install and hadn’t restored from backup as I’ve been finding the OTA updates cause a couple of glitches

    • I find that’s often the case with OTAs on Android as well as iOS. For major updates I always wipe – but for a point release I usually take the risk and see what happens.

  • Alan

    I had a problem opening urls in Tweetbot couple of times. Thought it was an isolated issue. Glad I am not the only one, it means Apple will at least provide a fix. But quality of Apple’s software updates is going down hill.

  • fanboi

    Safari not working on the iPhone? Well good thing Apple released a fabulously expensive watch today instead!

    Yet another home run for Apple. If your browser won’t work, you’re using it wrong. It’s your fault.

  • victor g.

    safari is too late to open any page in the web after to update to ios 8.2 in iphone 5s

  • Lan

    No, but I have a problem of old deleted pictures coming back. Even the ones I had deleted from the deleted file. 🙁

  • Ipman

    no. I don’t have any issues after updating to 8.2. No deleted photos coming back, in fact i just opened this site via feedly and choose to open it in safari and it loads just fine. Perhaps there’s something wrong with your settings? Try to reset it or backup and restore. Hope it helps. Btw, I’m using an iP5s.

  • AnonimGall

    Od samego poczatku mam problem na Ipadzie air 2 z safari i dziwi mnie ogromnie iż niektórzy bład przeładowania dopiero przy 8.2 zuważyli. Dla mnie ipad air 2 jest bezuzytecznym śmieciem nie nadającym się do przeglądania internetu, sklandaliczny złom

  • Michael

    i use the mercury browser with incognito mode on with lots of bookmarks and it never crashes on me

  • Pascal

    No issues on my iPhone 6 iOS 8.2 updated via OTA.


    YES! I’m glad to know it’s not just mine! Any solutions out there yet?

  • captwoodse

    Email States it’s updated Sunday all the time. It’s Tuesday you know

    • Weirdly enough, although I’m still on 8.1.2, my email says it was last updated 16/02/2015 and refuses to pull in new emails unless I use the Pull to Refresh function.

      • Gautam

        That’s probably because your email is configured as ‘fetch’ rather than ‘push’. You can check by going to the Settings app, and navigating to Mails, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data. It should me Push.

        If it is Fetch, then you can configure the time interval so it fetches the emails on a regular basis.

        • Thanks but I already checked that a few months ago.
          It was fine until just randomly in the middle of the day it stopped pushing new emails to me.

          It still works sometimes, usually after I connect to a WiFi or just after I turn the phone on, it’ll do it once and then rarely again.

          I do wonder though, could it be because I have a couple different email apps configured to those emails?

  • Steve Jobless

    8.2 on 5s.. keeps dropping wifi or won’t connect.. VPN wont connect either.

    But, I got the app for the watch that tells my wrist that the phone in my pocket just got a text.

  • Ria1979

    I’m on 8.1.2
    Have issue where keyboard shortcuts return after deleting.
    I know I’m on 8.1.2 in case somebody thinks I’ve posted in the wrong place! I’m just saying, ok.

  • Ivko

    black screen , buzzing and vibrating every 30 sec , not even in silent mode. Not reacting on pressing Home or Poweron/off. Two words, Dead duck (well, almost).

  • VillyG

    After upgrading to 8.2 on iPhone 5s the USB audio stopped working in my car. The phone kept saying “Accessory not supported” and the Volvo kept saying “USB unreadable”. There were no issues with an iPhone 6 with 8.2 though. It seems the problem was limited to 5s. I reverted back to 8.1.3 and everything is working again

  • Beth

    I keep getting the message that it can’t connect to the App Store!! I’ve reset my phone, and signed out of my Apple ID and it won’t let me sign back in at all now…. Help!!