Couria Beta for iOS 8 now available in Cydia, brings Quick Compose and improved Quick Reply to Messages


With the release of iOS 8, Apple introduced Quick Reply feature for iOS 8 Messages app which many of us have been waiting for to come stock. Couria is a beta jailbreak tweak that takes the Quick Reply feature to the next level and brings Quick Compose to the Message app.

The tweak takes advantage of the stock Quick Reply feature to integrate its new functionality. It lets you view the Quick Reply feature in full screen rather than as a text field underneath the notification banner. When you swipe down the banner to use Quick Reply, you can extend it further to view it in full screen where the complete conversation with the recipient will be displayed to you. You can then scroll through the entire conversation as well as reply back to the message directly from the tweak’s interface.

Another great feature of Couria is the ability to quickly compose a message from anywhere in iOS without being in the Messages app. It takes advantage of Activator gesture to launch it. After invoking Quick Compose, you’ll be displayed a list of all your recently contacted recipients.

You can tap on any of the contacts to whom you want to send a message or type his/her name in the search field provided. The tweak also allows you to invoke Quick Compose from the Lock screen.

Couria is still in the development phase and could see the addition of new features before it’s ready to be released to the public. One of the options that I’d like to see in future updates is the ability to disable Couria in the Lock screen. This is because if you invoke Quick Compose while in Lock screen, choosing a contact will display its entire conversation history and this can be a privacy issue for some.

Although Couria is available as a beta package, it worked quite well. To install it on your jailbroken iPhone, you should add the following repo to Cydia:  .

Let us know what you think about the think once you’ve given it a try.