Get Bolt, the All In One Battery Charger and more in the Best Deals of the Week [Deals Hub]


There are so many great offers in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub that it’s easy to miss one. We try to alert you to all of the best deals around, and this is your chance to catch those savings that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Take a look at the best deals of the week from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. You’ll be glad you did, and your wallet will thank you, too.

The BOLT Portable Battery and Wall Charger is the perfect battery booster for any situation. Charge your device through a wall outlet, then take it with you and keep an extra 3,000mAh charge that you can have on the go. Get it for only $44.99.


Scanners are too often a big, plastic hunk that you can’t take anywhere. That problem is done away by the Doxie Flip Cordless Flatbed scanner. Scan anything, from photos to notebook pages, with this great portable scanner. It’s yours for just $99.99.


If you’re wondering who is visiting your website and what will keep them around, then you need to check out the data collected by Ptengine Web Analytics. You can get a lifetime of understanding about what’s happening on your site for just $49.


You can personalize the background on your phone or tablet’s screen, so why not the case on the outside of the device? You can turn that into a canvas of your own personal design with help from the Case Studio, and you can get $67 worth of credit for just $34.99.


Imagine all of your handwritten notes automatically digitized so you can use them on your laptop or mobile device of choice. That’s exactly what you’ll have when you write with the Equil Smartpen, which turns your writing into text that you can use however you choose. Get it for just $79.

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